And that's my mastodon upgraded to 3.3.0

Wait my mastodon instance has federated toots again? I TOUCHED LITERALLY NOTHING FOR ATLEAST A MONTH WHAT.

I think my federation might be working again now! Hopefully my federated timeline will start filling up again

@trumpet FYI, I think your mastodon relay is giving 502 errors. It is for me at least.

Actually it looks quite unhappy with some Postgres failures when running tasks from sidekiq, and various 502 and ssl errors taking to remotes. Hrm

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Woah my federated timeline has been empty for three days. Guess it's fairly quiet on the relay I'm in o.o

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Tomorrow is . A great opportunity to go and learn if you don’t know much about intersex people.

Found a relay that works with mastodon 3.2.1 :D it requires manual approval on their end to ensure compliance with their policies, but I’m excited to see what my federated timeline grows to look like now!

Thought about setting up a hidden service for this, but given the disclaimers about it not working right seems a bit of a waste of time. Still hunting for a relay to add

And having just followed @torproject as well their latest toot has shown up. No older ones, and no secure drop ones. I don't know how this federation thing is working? Why that one toot and no others? why not toots from others on those mastodon instances? _scratches head_

Followed @securedrop as the first place I've come across advertising their mastodon. I wonder when their toots will show up on my timeline, and when the federation will start filling up the federated timeline

And their configuration generator didn't correctly escape my SMTP password breaking the email functionality. Amazing.

Oh great. Apparently 3.2.1 of Mastodon broke talking to the relay I tried to add thanks to an undocumented change. The relay in question was the top google result for 'mastodon relay'.... Fantastic experience.

_yawns_ I'm kinda sleepy. Tried joining a relay to help find people to follow, cause it seems like I don't know any active mastodon people personally. Kinda sucks


Just a small private single-user mastodon instance. Expect geekery, tech, lgbt+ and book toots. Do not expect endorsements of racism, sexism, transphobia or anything similar.